Benjamin Isaiah Black’s “FINALE: Curtain Call”

***This was performed live on April 22, 2015***

This was the last show I performed before I graduated. It’s me doing what I do best, doing what I love to do. It’s poetry, it’s mime, it’s film, it’s theatre, it’s music, it’s entertainment, it’s inspiring, it’s encouraging, it’s uplifting, it’s art, it’s godly. I hope you enjoy it! God bless you, and I love you!

(c) April 2015, B.I.B. Productions


You Are the Music to My Soul

***This was written on May 31, 2015***

You are the music to my soul.
There is no doubt about that.
I feel your melody playing.
I am your harmony saying
Continue your sweet sound.
Let me be your instrument.
Use me as your muse, your inspiration.
I breathe your creation,
Your art from your heart.
You start the beat that sets the foundation to my life.
You add the rhythm that gives me the energy to move.
A day doesn’t pass without me hearing you.
Don’t change one note from your composition.
I feed on it.
I yearn for it.
I learn from it
How to live.
You give
Music for my soul.
You keep me from being alone.
I need your tune to keep me alive.
May it never change,
Never be rearranged.
It is my life.
You are my life.
You are the music to my soul.

(c) May 2015, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

A Child With No Words

***This was written in August 2006***

Lemme introduce myself, I’m A Child With No Words;
I see people praisin’ the Lord like crazy and it hurts me like a burn

It hurts ‘cuz I can’t praise like I see other people do it;
It doesn’t help when I hear a voice say, “Ain’t nothin’ to it.”

It says, “Just think of what God’s done for you and say, ‘Thank You.’”
But it feels like it’s harder then what the voice says to do

I’ve messed up and sinned against the Lord so many times;
It feels like I’m on a WANTED poster in Heaven for all of my crimes

I’ve lied and disobeyed, how can He accept my voice?
When I try to praise, somethin’ is tellin’ me that all Jesus hears is noise

But also, what’ll the people around me say about me?
They’ll see me screaming and dancing, and they’ll think that I’m crazy!

Mom and Dad won’t get off my back when they see me dance;
They’ll keep asking questions whenever they get the chance

But I also can’t seem to get out all of this praise that I have inside;
I wanna let it out but when I reach for it, it runs to hide

All I can do is say, “Hallelujah” and lift my hands;
I almost wanna cry ‘cuz I can do better, and ‘cuz no one understands

They don’t know what I’m going through;
They scream and shout and yell, “Jesus, I thank You!”

It’s Satan! I feel his chains holdin’ on to me;
He won’t let me be as wild for Jesus as I wanna be

But I know that with Jesus, I gotta break the chain so that I can be free;
I don’t wanna be up in the Devil’s captivity

So I won’t be afraid, I won’t be ashamed!
I’ll praise to bless God, to be blessed, and be saved!

I did it! I’ve never praised so hard in my life!
No longer will I have to worry about going through pain or strife

Laugh at me if you want, but this is how I feel;
I may be a brotha’, but when it comes to Christ I don’t play. I’m fo’ real

So after church I feel good ‘cuz I know I’ve been heard;
When I meet another kid. His name is A Child With No Words


(c) August 2006, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.