Benjamin Isaiah Black’s “FINALE: Curtain Call”

***This was performed live on April 22, 2015***

This was the last show I performed before I graduated. It’s me doing what I do best, doing what I love to do. It’s poetry, it’s mime, it’s film, it’s theatre, it’s music, it’s entertainment, it’s inspiring, it’s encouraging, it’s uplifting, it’s art, it’s godly. I hope you enjoy it! God bless you, and I love you!

(c) April 2015, B.I.B. Productions


You Are the Music to My Soul

***This was written on May 31, 2015***

You are the music to my soul.
There is no doubt about that.
I feel your melody playing.
I am your harmony saying
Continue your sweet sound.
Let me be your instrument.
Use me as your muse, your inspiration.
I breathe your creation,
Your art from your heart.
You start the beat that sets the foundation to my life.
You add the rhythm that gives me the energy to move.
A day doesn’t pass without me hearing you.
Don’t change one note from your composition.
I feed on it.
I yearn for it.
I learn from it
How to live.
You give
Music for my soul.
You keep me from being alone.
I need your tune to keep me alive.
May it never change,
Never be rearranged.
It is my life.
You are my life.
You are the music to my soul.

(c) May 2015, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.