Benjamin Isaiah Black’s “FINALE: Curtain Call”

***This was performed live on April 22, 2015***

This was the last show I performed before I graduated. It’s me doing what I do best, doing what I love to do. It’s poetry, it’s mime, it’s film, it’s theatre, it’s music, it’s entertainment, it’s inspiring, it’s encouraging, it’s uplifting, it’s art, it’s godly. I hope you enjoy it! God bless you, and I love you!

(c) April 2015, B.I.B. Productions


The Storm Will Pass

***This was written on January 14, 2013***

Early morning
The sky is already covered with clouds
It’s dark
It’s gloomy
A storm is bound to come
Rain showers here, rain showers there
It’s not lighting up at all
It’ll rain all week
No sun
No birds chirping
There’s no place for it
But…but what’s that there?
There in the midst of clouds?
It’s a spot of blue – blue sky
The sky is trying to come through
It’s a reminder that no matter what the weather,
No matter what the season,
The blue sky is no gone forever
The storm will pass

(c) January 2013, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

Blue Skies

***This was written on April 2, 2012***

Condensation takes its toll again
The clouds cover the sky
It’ll rain soon, and the sky is completely gray
…Or is it?
There are some thin clouds up there,
Thin enough to make past the clouds and see the blue skies
There are blue skies behind these clouds
The sky itself is not gray
It may be hard to tell, but the sky is still behind these gray clouds

May I remember this regarding You
Sometimes I can’t see You in my life
I can’t feel You sometimes
But that’s when my faith and trust in You has to be the strongest
Help me believe – help me know that You are always present
You promised to never leave me or forsake me, and You don’t retract Your Word
No matter what I face, may I remember You’re always here
You’re constantly working
You never fail
You have a plan
You love me
Yes, You’re always here
Just like the blue skies

(c) April 2012, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

No Smile Wide Enough

***This was written on December 31, 2011***

When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all of the things He’s done,
Like how He died and saved my life, and how He’s fought my battles and won,
I can’t go on without praising my Savior. I praise Him for His Love for me.
If it had not been for the Lord on my side, where would I be?

No smile wide enough, no smile big enough can show the Joy that I feel
No smile wide enough, no smile big enough can show this Joy totally revealed.
There’s so much excitement inside of me, I must express it and give praise to Thee.
No smile wide enough can show the Joy I feel

Your Sovereignty and Reign are like feeling the sun’s gentle ray
There’s npt a moment You don’t keep me. Not a single minute, not a single day.
You Love me despite my rebellion toward You. This is a Love I’d never known.
I should be in Hell, on fire and tortured; but You didn’t want me to be alone.

I can’t lift my hands high enough, nor long enough to give You the praise You’re due
I can’t lift my hands high enough, nor long enough to truly worship You
Lord I have sinned intentionally. However, You have Loved unconditionally.
I can’t lift my hands high enough to give You the praise You’re due.

Father, You know I don’t deserve Your Goodness; yet You give it to me all the same
Although You’re very busy, You hear my voice when I call out Your Name
I’m going to be pleasing to Your Sight, Lord. I’ll make You smile, Worthy Lamb.
I may not be able to fully praise You, but I’ll give You as much as I can.

There’s no song beautiful or nice enough that’ll give You praise like You deserve
There’s no song beautiful or nice enough that thanks You for my life You serve
I don’t deserve Your Love for me. But for You I’ll live thankfully.
There’s no song beautiful enough that’ll give You praise like You deserve.

(c) December 2011, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

He Causes My Smiles

***This was written on August 27, 2011***

Have you ever laughed out loud, but you didn’t know the reason?
So many other people look sad and gloomy because of the weather this season
You could be by yourself, and suddenly your feet begin dancing.
Your voice begins singing.
Your hands clapping.
Other people can’t figure out if you’re sincere or acting,
But you know you just can’t help it! You feel good, and you’ve got to show it!
People are all around, but you don’t care who knows it!
This feeling on the inside must be expressed;
You’ve already felt lonely, sadness, and depressed –
Now it’s time to celebrate this unknown feeling by all means!

Do you know what it’s like to have a song play in your heart?
This selection has been playing inside you since the day’s start
From the moment you get up, you hear this song playing.
Though this is a song of comfort, one that changes your entire mood.
You felt like giving up, but now you are strong,
You felt like giving up, but now you can move on.
Whereas you used to constantly weep, believing eternity would be your night,
Your morning came, and Joy is here, because you heard everything will be alright
Naturally, you find yourself lifting your hands
Soon, you, too, are singing the lyrics
And you just can’t stop your voice from singing!

Has there ever been a moment you didn’t know he cause for your smile?
After time passed, you realized it’s been on your face quite a while
Maybe it was the sight of the sunrise in the morning,
It might have been a thought that came in your head,
Or maybe it’s the simple, yet blessed pleasure of waking up to see another day
All of your worries and fears have gone away
The grass outside is soaked from the sky’s rain
Yet in your heart, you feel sunshine and no pain
Your smile is as wide as the space between the north and the south
It’s as bright as the sun on a clear day
Yet, you have no idea why!

The reason I ask is because all of those things have happened to me
Despite the rain outside, there was sun in me
The Son brought the Light of Joy and put it in my soul
So I can have a good time when I’m by myself, alone
Nothing in the world compares to Jesus’ Joy
It should be received by every man and woman, girl and boy
God intended it that way, so that we can smile despite circumstances and issues
There’s no reason this Gift can’t be placed deeply inside of you
No matter how many times you’ve cried or frown, no matter how long of a while
One day you’ll look up and find God’s caused you to smile!


(c) August 2011, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

Haven of Joy

***This was written on July 29, 2011***

When the tears from my eyes fall like the rain from the sky
During the times when I want to laugh, but all I can do is cry
There are times I know I should live, but I want to die
I remember my Haven of Joy

I want to give up, I don’t want to continue on
I’m tired of being in this dark place, it’s been too long
But You said Your Joy will make me strong
I have a Haven of Joy

So much chaos and trials have risen against me
There’s so much turmoil in front of me, I can’t see
Yet You told me to keep my head up because I have victory
Jesus, You’re my Haven of Joy

I’ve tried turning to other things, and they just wouldn’t do
I thought they’d last forever, but they proved themselves false, not true
Instead, Lord, let me submit myself to You
My Haven of Joy

No matter what people do, let them say whatever they want to say
Obstacles and situations will challenge me, so come what may
Despite it, I will not allow my faith to be taken away
I won’t lose my Haven of Joy

I won’t always be happy, but every day I will smile
I refuse to respond to negative situations in a manner that’s vile
Because I know that in my life, Jesus will be with me all the while
I call Him my Haven of Joy

This hurt won’t last forever, God will rid me of my pain
The purpose is to make me better, that I don’t remain the same
I am made whole and comforted when I call on Jesus’ Name
I call on my Haven of Joy

Even on cloudy days, my face is lit up by the Light of the Son
My heart is overfilled with thankfulness when I remember all that You’ve done
Call my name, and I’ll come to You – with no hesitation, I’ll run
Savior, Jesus, YOU are my Haven of Joy!


(c) July 2011, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

This Joy that I Have

***This was written on January 13, 2011***

Oh yes, dear, for years you’ve tried to get me to shed tears
You knew how to press my buttons
From you, I’ve received so much sorrow for tomorrow and pain and rain
Laughter was heard when you lied on me,
Slapped me,
Stabbed me,
Stole from me,
Misused me, and
Abused me
I heard you mocking me, all right
Tears fell from my eyes, but you didn’t care, which hurt me all the more
Delight was so bright when you took sight of my mourning
My tears were your smiles
My despair was your comfort
My sadness was your happiness
And I just stood by and cried and I tried to figure out why you wanted me to die
Can you believe I actually lost sleep over you?
Yeah, I would stay up late and contemplate why you no longer like me
We used to be cool until you acted like a fool and treated me like an object rather than a person
For the longest time, I would look at you – at the situation – and I’d be filled with so much hate
I would think of ways I could make you hurt like you hurt me
But I couldn’t come up with anything
The less success I had at revenge, the more great my hate grew

It wasn’t until late one night when I saw the Light
Jesus spoke to me right there in the midst of my tears
He said, “If you let Me, I can become your All.
“During your troubled times, let it be My Name you call.
“Don’t worry about other people – they come and go.
“I will take care of you because I love you so.
Let Me become your Joy!”
That moment, I did something that felt so hard to do
I let go of everything I held on to and gave them to God.
Though I didn’t know what to expect, I soon learned that the decision I made was correct
Once I handed Jesus my worries and cares,
He took them and crushed them, saving me from all the things I had to bear
I found that I wasn’t carrying so much anymore, I didn’t deal with much anymore
“Why,” I wondered. “What’s new?”
“What’s this feeling I have that allows me to smile even on bad days?”
This feeling I’ve been looking for a long time to have – what is it?
It is Joy!
Unconditional, everlasting, unspeakable Joy!
Never did I think I’d ever be able to attain this!
I wake up every day with a smile on my face
Though I still have troubles, I know God will help me through Grace
So now, I’m not the same that I was!
You might be confused, so let me spoonfeed it to you, ‘cuz!
You can’t get away with the same stuff you used to!
I’m stronger!
I’m wiser!
I’m smarter!
I’m braver!
I’m better!
Your smiles were my tears
Now I have nothing to worry or fear
Your comfort was my despair
Now I smile because Jesus handles all my cares
Your happiness was my sadness
Now I serve the Lord with gladness
This Joy that I have is something you can’t take
I’ve waited forever and a day for this – you can’t take it so easily
My heart is now for God
My life is dedicated to Him
I stay up late, not because you cause me pain
But now I’m up continuously blessing the Lord’s Name
You may not love me, you don’t have to give a crud about me
See though, God will accept me for all eternity
He loved me, and He sees me every second of my life
He knows all my mistakes and sins, all my grief and strife
Interestingly enough, though, He still loves me
God loves ME
Despite all of my wasted time and the demons in my mind
God loves ME
Though many times I’ve been hurt, He lifted me out the dirt
God loves ME
Knowing all the things I’ve done, He fought all my battles and won
And THAT, my friend, gives me more Joy than you could ever give me sorrow
You’ll have to find other uses to gain delight, because you can’t get me down
My Joy cannot be taken, It is NOT for sale
This Joy that I have, you didn’t give It, and you sho’nuff can’t take It away!


(c) January 2011, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

Weeping May Endure for a Night, but Joy Comes in the Morning

***This 2-part poem was written on September 11, 2008***
***This was inspired by the incidents that occurred on 09/11/2001***

Weeping May Endure for a Night…
A tear has fallen from my face
I look around this room, and realize that this will never be the same place
I can’t hug you no more. You’re gone, you ain’t near
As I got ready to tell you something, I remembered you’re not here

Why would God allow it for you to die?
The Bible says, Jesus, that You’d wipe away the tears that I cry
But my face is moist from my tears! Where are You?!
Why aren’t You doing the things that You promised me You’d do?

When I picked up the phone and received the news
I became angry, sad, scared, and confused
And what’s worst, they’re not here to lemme know it’s alright
When I call your name and don’t hear a response, I think of God and I wanna fight

Because I’m angry! God, You could have prevented this!
Couldn’t You let me see them 1 last time? Have 1 last hug or kiss?
Why would You do this to me, my friend? Do You hate us or something? ANSWER ME!!
Don’t turn away, don’t ignore me! The incision of hate is too deep inside me!

Will the sun ever stop hiding and reveal its light?
How much longer will I have to cry myself to sleep at night?
If I can’t laugh again, I’ll die for sure
It seems like every single night, my weeping may endure

…But Joy Comes in the Morning
Yes, I see you. I hear you. It’s going to be OK.
You’re still living in tonight, but you have yet to see a new day
I understand and feel your pain. I’m crying your tears too.
Don’t you know I’ll NEVER leave nor forsake you?

This may seem farfetched to you, but this is to help strengthen you
There’s always a plan to everything I do
I don’t hate you, I love you; I’m not ignoring you, I’m here
I’m here to protect you, so don’t worry or fear

I’m drawn to you. I wouldn’t dare try to do you any harm
When you call on My Name, I’m there. I always keep you in My Arms
Take this Power, Joy, and Strength I’m giving you to keep the faith
Don’t stop, you’re almost there; keep seeking My Face

When this storm passes, you’ll be a new creature, and you’ll smile again
This is just the beginning, far from the end
You’ll look new, feel new, sound new because of this change
But you can’t see it if you’re being weighed down with sorrow’s chains

I am your Rock, your Shield, your place of safety
All I’m asking you to do is put your trust in Me
Put your best foot forward, and continue your walk
When your storms has ceased, no words of sadness or hate will be I your talk

The rain has stopped. The clouds are gone.
“Victory” and “Strength” is your new song
You were lying in your bed last night complaining and groaning
But Joy cometh in the morning

(c) September 2008, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

All I Need…

***This was written on February 14, 2007***

All I need is Your Love
That reigns down on me Heavenly from Above
It’s more precious than a sweet and pure dove
All I need is Your Love

All I need is Your Grace
All me, Lord, to see Your Face
I cannot wait to be in Your Place
All I need is Your Grace

All I need is Your Peace
So that I will not show hate, not in the least
Let me bestow it like a large feast
All I need is Your Peace

All I need is Your Joy
Not so that I may take it and cloy
But so that I will treasure it like a child would treasure their favorite toy
All I need is Your Joy

All I need is Your Mercy
Help me not to shame Thee
Bless me in all I do, even as I breathe
All I need is Your Mercy

All I need is Your Heart
So that my brand new life with You may start
Just pick me up, be with me, and I’ll do my part
All I need is Your Heart

All I need is Your Hand
I know that everything, I don’t understand
But I also know that it’s part of Your Plan
All I need is Your Hand

All I need is Your Blood
The Blood shed on Calvary for the sins of everyone
It’s more precious and brighter than the sky’s sun
All I need is Your Blood

All I need is Your Son
Let me see His Face in Kingdom Come
He defeated my enemies when they were on the run
All I need is Your Son

All I need is You
All I need is You
All I need is You
All I need is You

(c) February 2007, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.