Journal Entry – The Future

***This was written on October 28, 2015***

My Me,
How’s it going, Bro. B.I.B.? Are you doing alright? Are you smiling? How’s your relationship with God? Do you remember who He is and what He’s able and willing to do?
As of now, it’s been almost 6 months since graduation. I know things have not been going according to plan. You don’t have a job, you don’t have much money, and you’ve only had a couple of gigs. You still want to be out of this house this time in 2 years, but you don’t have money for food right now, let alone money for a can and an apartment. You have a girlfriend who you’re madly in love with and want to take care of. I know I am you, and I know this will be an old letter the next time you read this – despite how soon that will be. But you know that I want to help people, and one of the best ways I can do that is by helping myself. Do, here’s what I’m going to tell you:
First of all, don’t you ever forget about Jesus. Call out His Name. Shout it as loud as you need to. Always seek Him, pursue Him, and increase your knowledge and understand of Him. When your situations are the darkest, that’s when your faith in God has to shine the brightest. Never stop praising Him. Don’t you dare stop worshipping Him. Sing unto Him. Believe in Him. Grow in Him.
Second of all, don’t doubt yourself. Don’t stop believing in yourself. If the same Jesus who can do anything but fail lives in you, don’t you dare think for a second that you’re going to fail! You are talented! You are smart! You are strong! Live like you are! Act like you are! Look in the mirror every day and every night and proclaim blessings over yourself! And go ahead and smile while you’re at it!
Third of all, where are you going? What are you doing? What do you want to achieve? You have to know that in order to know what to do next. The ultimate goal is to own your own production company, right? You want to star in, write, produce, direct, and own your own plays, films, and web and TV shows, right? OK, so how can we get there? Write down your dream, and write out a plan to get there. It’ll take some thinking, but you can do it. Get started on that soon – today!
Bro. B.I.B., God has great things in store for you. Lift up your head. Don’t stop looking to your Savior. He’s got you in the palm of His Hand. You will get there! You are there! Do me a favor, look around at your surroundings. Now praise your Jesus!


Benjamin Isaiah Black

(c) October 2015, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.



***This was written on July 3, 2015***
***Inspired by Pastor Diana Swoope***

Mark 9:22-24 22 “…But if You can do anything, have compassion on us and help us.” 23 And Jesus said to him, “You say, ‘If You can.’ All things are possible to him who believes.” 24 Immediately, crying out, the father of the child said, “I believe; help me with my unbelief!” (Recovery Version)

When I close my eyes, I see it.
As I’m sleeping, I dream it.
I know I want to be it.
God gave me this vision for a reason;
But then I rise from my bed
I study my surroundings.
I contemplate my current state –
This space that I’ve been placed in;
And I wonder
How can this dream of mine come true?
This dream – this vision I’ve had since I was a boy;
The thought that made me smile when I longed for joy;
This thing that I’m most passionate about.

You are great and strong.
You can do no wrong.
You are full of power.
Your Name is a strong tower.
You are incredibly mighty.
Your presence stays with us daily and nightly.
No one is above You.
No one is in place of You.
There is nothing You can’t do.
There’s no such thing as impossible for You.
I’ve heard this all my life, since I was young.
It’s nothing for these words to be spoken by my tongue.
But for some reason,
My mind sends my heart a contradictory message.
Your Word says, “I can do all things through Christ…”
Which is why I try to be perfect, because my excuses won’t suffice.
Your Word says, “Know that I am with you always…”
But I know I’ve sinned enough to keep you away.
Your Word says, “Greater is He who is in me…”
But my greatness and worth are the size of a flee.
These contradictions reside in the back of my mind, like houseflies in July.
What happened to this Gospel given to me as a boy?
Have I had it for too long? Did I get comfortable with worldly joys?
I was told You can make a way out of no way.
There hasn’t been a day Your works hadn’t phased me – amazed me!
You held the sun and placed it where it needed to be.
You grew the mountains and poured water in the sea.
You made the stars twinkle, You gave the moon shape.
You’re the great Architect, designing the world’s landscape.
From nothing, You made oceans, space, and land.
It seems so large, yet You hold it all in Your Hand.
Not even death held You back from being strong and mighty!
So why do I doubt You can do something miraculous in me?
Through me?
With me?
If the same God who conquered death resides in me,
Shouldn’t that diminish my impossibilities and insecurities?
My mind still has that doubt.
I’ve tried to get it out of my mind.
I know You can do anything,
But my unbelief causes me to doubt me.

Jesus, save me from my unbelief.
Rescue me from my inner doubts and fears.
Help me, Lord.
Help my faith grow.
I believe You can.
Help me with my unbelief.

(c) July 2015, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

Benjamin Isaiah Black’s “FINALE: Curtain Call”

***This was performed live on April 22, 2015***

This was the last show I performed before I graduated. It’s me doing what I do best, doing what I love to do. It’s poetry, it’s mime, it’s film, it’s theatre, it’s music, it’s entertainment, it’s inspiring, it’s encouraging, it’s uplifting, it’s art, it’s godly. I hope you enjoy it! God bless you, and I love you!

(c) April 2015, B.I.B. Productions

Blue Skies

***This was written on April 2, 2012***

Condensation takes its toll again
The clouds cover the sky
It’ll rain soon, and the sky is completely gray
…Or is it?
There are some thin clouds up there,
Thin enough to make past the clouds and see the blue skies
There are blue skies behind these clouds
The sky itself is not gray
It may be hard to tell, but the sky is still behind these gray clouds

May I remember this regarding You
Sometimes I can’t see You in my life
I can’t feel You sometimes
But that’s when my faith and trust in You has to be the strongest
Help me believe – help me know that You are always present
You promised to never leave me or forsake me, and You don’t retract Your Word
No matter what I face, may I remember You’re always here
You’re constantly working
You never fail
You have a plan
You love me
Yes, You’re always here
Just like the blue skies

(c) April 2012, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

We Are Far From Lost

***This was written on July 30, 2008***
***This was inspired by the Youth Excellence Performing Arts Workshop (YEPAW)***

Excuse me! Beg your pardon! May I have your attention?
There’s an issue I must address! There’s something I need to mention!
Do not be alarmed by my speech
I have a topic, a discussion, and information that, with you, I’d like to bequeath

My name is Benjamin Isaiah Black, also known as Brother B.I.B.
I am a young, 16-young-old student as you can see
I am familiar with the USA History and African-American studies
I’m also a Christian; I follow Jesus Christ and I get blessed abundantly

I plan to live a long life of God’s Joy and Love
I take time to think about Heaven above
So allow me to ask, having that been said,
Why do some of you look at me and determine that before I’m 25, I’ll be dead?

Your eyes see me, yet your soul despises me
Without knowledge of me, your heart creates stories and you bring lies on me
You believe that I am a waste of God’s precious talent
You refuse to believe that I’m successful, courageous, and gallant!

Why? Because I’m a teenager, or because I’m Black?
Age or race is NO reason to believe I have a lack
A lack of common sense, self-control, endurance, and education
Why aren’t you helping my nation in its generation realize that excellence is an expectation?!

I’m not blaming you, but when all you do is stare at me and create stereotypes for myself
I believe you don’t care for us. What else should I be lead to believe? What else?
Why would you refuse to believe any good will come from us, and refuse to help us too?
If this nation is to change for the better, we need help from EVERY person, including you.

Though you are not alone at fault here; let’s look at my generation
We have proven ourselves of being far less than a great nation
We have sex because it’s Wednesday despite what God said, and we need a lot of money today
Without knowing that money is like troubles: It fails to last always

However, we look up to you! Our leaders, mentors, and teachers
But don’t beat us down with the truth; don’t become a religious preacher!
Instead, talk to us and love us with the same Love as Jesus Christ
Become an example of Him; a reflection of Him and His Light

I did not mean to lecture, please forgive me of this
But to see ANY generation, especially mine, treated like we’re in the Abyss
Makes me weep from sorrow of what we might be
We want hope! We want love! We want opportunities!

Just let me tell you that this generation is FAR from lost!
We will soon pick up and carry our own cross
A generation of success is what we’ll be—NO! I’m sorry; that’s what we are!
We will shine brighter than the night’s stars!

We are more than what we say we are, though
When you ask a child, “What do you want to be after you grow?”
They may say “Doctor”, “Inventor”, “Activist”, “Architect”, “President” “Actor”
“Singer”, “Lawyer”, “Engineer”, “Entrepreneur” “Model”, “Photographer”, “Rapper”

But we’re more than those things! We’re also strong!
We are more than conquerors because Jesus Christ is our Song!
We are brave, great, loved excellent, and smart!
We contain all of the Joy and Strength we need because God is in our hearts

So to any person that believes that this generation is almost done
Oh no, friend! We’ve barely begun!
On our face is a smile; in our hand is the cross
But please loved ones, know that we are far from lost!!!

(c) July 2008, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.