My Me: How You See Me

***This was written on January 1, 2016***
***Inspired by Rachel SuperStarr Black***

Genesis 1:26-27: “Then God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…’ So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

All focus and attention is on me.
I’ve got the spotlight,
I’m in the center.
I’m within everyone’s sight.
I’m the presenter,
The opening,
The act,
And the rest;
Which is awful, considering I’m not looking my best.
You don’t believe me?
You think I look well and fine?
My clothes and jewelry and face creates this false idea of “well and fine.”
You can look at me and say, “That person has style,”
But I ask you, can you identify my smile?
Any liveliness in my walk?
Do you see the smallest hint of joy in my eyes?
See, this style is a disguise.
I’m hiding from the lies
And cries
That I
Have to face everyday.
You see someone who’s really got it going on,
But I see the person I’ve been all along.
When I stare at the glass reflector,
I see shame.
I see despair.
I see ugliness.
I look into the soul of this person in the glass reflector and ask,
“How can anyone see someone who’s “well and fine?”
Are they blind?
No, they can see.
They just don’t know the real me,
The me I have to live with everyday of my life.
I know the lies I gave,
The mistakes I made.
This awful load I’m carrying weighs me down to the grave.
Or, I wish it did.
I want to die.
I hate me.
Who could love someone like me?
Why would someone allow me to live?
Who in their right mind would make me,
Shape me,
Create me?
…Oh, that’s right.
Lord, God above me,
Do You still love me?
How could Someone like You love someone like me?
I’m not “well and fine” like other people are.
I’ve shamed Your Name more times than I can count.
So, You can understand how I may have doubts
That Someone like You can love someone like me.
But You still made me, and allowed me to live.
What is it about me that You find so lovely?
What do You see when You look at me?
It can’t be what I see.
Is it my soul?
My spirit?
My talents, my heart, my mind?
What is it that You see that I don’t? Am I blind?
Show me, God.
Let me see me that way You do.
Help me love me the way You intended me to.
Who am I? What am I in You?
I’m tired of seeing myself as ugly and dumb!
That’s not how You made me!
That’s not who You see!
That’s not who I am!
I am a child of Jesus the King!
No attire or style or material things
Can make me any greater than I am!
God, I am Yours!
You made me strong!
You made me bold!
You made me excellent!
I am Yours! Now I see
How You see me.

(c) January 2016, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

I Am That Man

***This was written on June 7, 2011***

I am that man, that scum of the earth
The one born, whose life has no worth
Lied to, stolen from, beat, slapped in the face
The one who waits for a sip of grace

I am that man who stands alone
The one who seeks warmth, for I shiver to the bones
I reach out for the hand, but none grabs mine
Is no one compassionate? Is no one kind?

I am that man who is dark and cold
Wishing I had someone – anyone to hold
I’m bleeding, I’m hurt, I think I’m gonna die
Until my savior comes, it is here I lie

I am that man in the bottomless pit
People walk on me, walk over me, ignore me, and spit
They look over my flesh, they look over my needs
They misuse me, abuse me, step on my heart ‘til it bleeds

I am that man on my knees every night, sending up prayers
I’m the one whose faith is being tested, asking if God cares
Someone please pray for me, I need a powerful word
I feel like I’m being ignored or I’m not being heard

I am the man who used to believe folks when they said “You can make it.”
He who does not accept love, in fear that I may break it
I have abandoned dreams, I’ll soon forget life
What’s the point of it? It only brings strife.

I am that man who prays constantly for mercy
I lay on my face and cry, “God, forgive me!”
But He doesn’t hear me – so why do I pray
I’m still the same, the situation gets worse every day!

I am that man bound and chained!
I am that man who will never change!
What you see is what you get, there’s nothing else here!
It’s that simple! The vision is so clear!

I am that man who wants to die!
No one loves me or cares about me, so why should I?
I’ll never be better than this, I already know!
I want to leave this life! I just want to go!

I am that man who gives his bidding adieu
Don’t cry for me because I won’t miss you
I can’t live in captivity, but it’s obvious I can’t be free
So I say good-bye to you, and I say good-bye to me

(c) June 2011, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.


***This was written on July 6, 2010***

hate (hat) v. hat-ed, hat-ing v.t. 1 To regard with the extreme aversion; detest. 2 To be unwillingly; dislike. –v.i. 3 To be hatred. –n. 1 Intense aversion; animosity. 2 A person or thing detested. [< OE hatian] –hat’er n.
ha-tred (ha’trid) n. Bitter dislike or aversion; antipathy; animosity. –Syn. abhorrence, detestation, enmity, hate, hostility

“I hate you!”
“I hate you more!”
“I hate your guts!”
“You’re an infamous, notorious creature!”
“Go jump in the lake!”
“Go lie down and die!”
“Go to H***.”
Phrases such as these and others send people a certain message:
We hate them.
We can’t stand them.
We don’t love them.
We won’t help them.
We have no compassion for them.
We won’t pray for them.
We want them to die.
We want them deceived.
We want them to suffer.
We want them confused.
We want them hurt.
…You don’t believe me?
Think about wars,
Do you honestly think those things would exist if the parties involved loved each other?

I think back to the story of Emmitt Till.
The men who killed the fourteen-year-old boy
Shot him,
Hung him,
Beat him,
And drowned him.
I ask you: Who killed Emmitt?
Was it really the White men?
Emmitt and the White men were innocent victims of Hate.
Hate is a player who plays many people at once.
Hate wanted to see Emmitt killed.
He wanted to see him suffer.
He wanted to see his family hurt.
Hate wanted to see Emmitt in the grave at an early age.
Now Hate also played the White men.
In the Bible, 1 John 4:20 says,
“If anyone says, ‘I love God,’ yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen.”
It’s obvious that those murderers didn’t love Emmitt, so how can they love God?
And as we all know, those who don’t love God do not enter His Kingdom.
Hate loves – he absolutely adores – seeing people live in despair, isolation, and living their worst nightmare times 200,000 come true!
And we stand by and watch Hate play us like suckers!

Why do we hate?
Do we know exactly what we’re saying when we state we hate someone or something?
When will we stop it?
Can we stop it?
Why is it so much easier to hate than it is to love?
…What is hate?
Well, the opposite of hate is love, right?
So if God is Love, Hate is…ooh!
If true love is laying down one’s life for their friends, hate…oh!
Love is patient, so hate…ah!
Love is kind, so hate…I see!
Love doesn’t envy or boast, so hate…OK!
Hate can almost be a substitute for another word:
Think of how Hate played Emmitt and the two White men –
What about that speaks life?

What is it about Hate that hates so much?
Why does Hate hate?
…Could it be?…Naw! It couldn’t be!
…Could it?…
Could it be that…Hate loves himself?
It’s impossible! Hate doesn’t love anyone or anything!
…Except himself! Oh! I see!
So then…Hate is Hate because Hate loves Hate!
Hate loves being Hate!
Hate wanted to see Emmitt put in his casket at 14!
Hate adored seeing Jews violently discriminated against, which is why we had the Holocaust.
Hate marveled at Blacks suffering and being treated like things rather than people, which is why we had slavery.
Hate applauded when innocent bodies fell on the ground, which is why we have fights, murders, and wars.
Hate has led to so many things, it’s insane!
My question is how do we reverse this thing?
How do we boot Hate out of our world?
How do we make him a thing of the past?
What does Hate…hate?
Well, if Hate loves Hate…
Then Hate hates…Love.
We’ve got to love everybody!
We can turn the world around with our love!
It’s alright if we don’t like everyone,
But the love part is what we have to focus on.
Love everybody!
We must pray for them,
Help them,
Bless them,
Extend our hand to them.
Have an unconditional love,
Don’t ever let the love cease!
If sin is to cease, if times are to get better,
All of us must love everybody!
Let us love!


(c) July 2010, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

Why is Love Just Another Four-Lettered L-Word?

***This was written on May 31, 2010***

Love (luv) n. 1. God is Love, and he who abides in Love abides in God, and God in him. 2. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. 3. Patient and kind; does not envy; does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own; is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Never fails.

Why is love just another four-lettered “L”-Word?
It’s now up there with lone, lost, laid, lake, like, lust, leak, lack, and all the other four-lettered “L”-Words
The value and the impact of Love seems to have faded away
Love no longer means what it once did
Nowadays, love is temporary and false
Whether “I love you” is declared at the alter or in the streets, it has no value
The phrase is now a three-worded statement
Another prime example of something that’s easier said than done
When this word is not fulfilled to the best of our ability, we hurt someone
He/She becomes bitter and confused
Our lie causes them to be abused
But I ask you this question also:
Isn’t it funny how it’s easier to hate than to love?
Why is it harder to forgive and shed grace
Than it is to keep from smacking someone’s face?
In order for us to love, it takes a lot of time and examining the person
However hating is another issue
All it takes is someone throwing at you their used tissue
They just have to look at you funny or talk about your shoes
If they pass notes or spread lies about you,
Love is out the window, and hate is in due
Now of course, you’ll be angry – these situations aren’t going to put a smile on your face
But instead of letting go and letting God, you want to efface
“I hate you! I hate you!” That’s all you can say
You don’t separate, take space, or talk to him/her another way
No, instead you immediately hate
You draw an abominate spirit and choose to segregate
What happened to the love for that person you once claimed you had?
You gave it up because you got angry and mad
You’re focused on getting even, seeking revenge, and being angry
Yet you forgot the promise you made to him/her a long time ago:
“I love you!”
Yes, “I love you” is a promise
As we share this phrase with someone, we promise to be
And many more things
The moment we hate
We abandon those things and prove ourselves liars
My question is what happened to Love?
What happened to God’s commandment of loving our neighbors as ourselves?
Why do we push away our brothers and sisters when they come to us for comfort?
Where does Love lie when we put ourselves above everyone else?
I suppose the real question is this:
What is Love?
Hmm…Now that’s a good question!
Love is losing yourself for someone else:
e.g. I’ll give up going to a party/concert/game to stay home and take care of you
Love is doing something kind for someone:
e.g. I’ll compliment you, spend time with you, give you a gift, etc.
Love is fighting through the hard times:
e.g. despite finances, disagreements, misunderstandings, lies, sickness, despair, mood swings, or any other hard time, we will get through because Love conquers all
Love is giving your life for anyone:
e.g. Think back to Christ’s act on Calvary
If we had Love like this, there’d be no need for
Death row,
Or anything else of that nature
How different would this place called earth be
If we could live and never have to worry?
We could love life without any fear
There wouldn’t be any fog or mist – everything would be clear
All people and nations would join hands and sing
A symphonic song, praising our King
This can become a reality and be something more than what we heard
If love ever again becomes more than a four-lettered “L”-Word

(c) May 2010, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

How Do You Feel?

***This was written on March 13, 2010***

Alright, Jesus, it is me once more and again,
Bro. B.I.B. here to speak to You
Can I ask You something? Since our last
Discussion, I’ve seen things that have bothered me. Almost
Everywhere I go I see anger rising,
Fights taking place, and hatred displayed.
Go to different ends of the earth and different countries – You’ll feel the
Hate that one person has for another.
I saw the new Darfur movie
Just last week. Arabs went to Darfur, Africa and
Killed all of the Africans over there. Why? Was it because of their
Language? Did they hate their color or looks? I
Mean, what in the world put that
Notion in their minds?!? Do they really believe that
Odious behavior is
Pleasure in Your Sight? I feel a sense of
Qualmishness, to think that people find that type of hate
Right and acceptable!
So, tell me Lord, how do You feel watching us
Treat each other so badly? The
Ubiquitous act of
Violence and hate take place in front of Your
Watchful Eye. What do You do when You see us approach each other as a
Xenophobe rather than as a brother or sister? Do You
Yell and shout when we prove ourselves to be
Zealous to hate and not to You?

God, when we spit on the faces of our sisters and brothers
We accept Your Gift of Love but don’t share It with any other
How does it make You feel? What do You do?
Do You ever shout, cry, and get angry, too?

You devoted Your Love to all Your children, You gave It to everyone
Lord, You chose to save us all by pledging Your one and only Son
The Gift was offered, and still is to this day
But we refuse It when we hate others, we turn It away

It was just yesterday middle school kids broke out in a fright
And, of course, everyone cleared when the police came in sight
Each of those punches were blows of hate
Meanwhile Satan rejoices and calls his friends over to celebrate

Some of the scenes in the Darfur movie were horrorific – I couldn’t bear to see them
The Arabs burned Africans, shot Africans, raped them, and beat them
For no other reason than the color of their skin; they killed with a smile
Lucifer, still rejoicing, continues to laugh all the while

Forget “Black on Black crime”, “People on People” is a worse trifle
What difference would it be who I killed with a rifle?
The fact is I just murdered a human being
I put my thoughts before the Love of my King

Again, my question, Jesus, is how does it make You feel
To see us murder, lie, cheat, and steal?
We praise You on Sunday for Your Mercy and Grace
But turn around on Monday and shoot someone in the face

Loving takes a lot of work, it bears so much labor
Nowadays we can’t love ourselves, much less our neighbors
We look in the mirror hating what we see
I may kill my brother because when I look at him I see me

Hate is Hate because Hate loves Hate
Hate loves to see people dead and others discriminate
So I figure to defeat Hate with fire from Above
We must act like the One who Hate hates, which is Love

Could it be that the hate in this world is stoppable?
That maybe Hate’s expiration date is not a vision impossible?
When does it start, then? How does the process begin?
How do we stop the world’s worst act of sin?

Do You hear our voices crying out for Your help?
It’s been far too long we’ve been in this Hell
Rescue us, Lord, from this hate and despair
Deliver us, give us Your Hand, and show us You care

Please don’t turn Your Head when You hear us cry
Instead, kill Hate as he tries to make us die
We need Your Love, we need Your Joy
Bestow You perfect gifts to every man, woman, girl, and boy

How do You react to blood and tears?
Do You ever worry, God? Do You ever fear?
We must destroy Hate and have Love displayed and revealed
Tell me, Jesus, when You see hate, how do You feel?

(c) March 2010, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.