***This was written on November 1, 2015***

Hey God. It’s me writing You another letter,
Though I wish this was under better circumstances. Much better.

I’m sorry. I know I’ve been here before.
I feel like I keep losing this internal spiritual war.

I feel distant from You, Lord. Instead of Your Grace,
I feel this void between us, a great amount of space.

Why do I feel so distant from You?
Was it something I said? What did I do?

This distance makes me feel lost, living without a guide.
I have no life, I feel dead inside.

I’ve allowed worldly things to consume my soul.
They’ve taken the place of You. I’m no longer whole.

Only You make me feel complete. You are my light.
Without You, Jesus, my days are as dark as night.

I need You – I want You in my life everyday.
I will worship You, I’ll praise You, I’ll fast, I’ll pray.

Just like I need You every second to complete an action,
You deserve my everything, all of me, not just a fraction.

Please forgive me, Father. I need Your Hand.
I can’t live without You. I don’t exist. I can’t stand.

Bring me closer. Transform me. I need to be renewed.
Jesus, the only One I need, all I want is You.

(c) November 2015, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

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