I Don’t Have…

***This was written on August 6, 2015***
***Dedicated to Fatima Imani Smith***

I don’t have the imagination to make you gifts and things
I don’t have the money to buy you diamond rings
I don’t have the kind of voice you’d love to hear sing all day
I don’t have the power to take all your problems away

I don’t have the muscles to make you feel secure
I don’t have the words to make you feel right and sure
I don’t have the intelligence to discuss random facts
I don’t have the artistic intellect to share how I feel about that

I don’t have the creativity to tell you in different ways how I feel
I don’t even have the skills to make you a delicious meal
I often times can’t share my emotions because I don’t have the nerve
I don’t have the means to give you anything you truly deserve

I know I’m not good enough for you, and my description tells you why
You deserve a king who can give you a grand castle in the sky
I cannot give you the world, but there’s one thing I can do
I can give you this phrase – this promise, three words that are true

I love you. I love you every single day
These are 3 words I’ll never be too shy to say
I’ll scream it from every mountain, every valley, every corner
I’m a stranger to many things, but when it comes to loving you I’m no foreigner

You are constantly on my mind. I think about you day and night
You are my rock, you are my Queen, you are my smile, you are my light
You are someone I know I can’t live without
Your sexiness sends me thrills, have no doubt

I will be the man you deserve – I’ll be the man you need
God will give me the strength and wisdom to protect, provide, and lead
A pauper I am now, just begging for a chance
But I’m growing and learning. I’m changing my stance

I’ll drop my selfish desires, I’ll forsake my pride
If it means that forever I’ll be at your side
Let me be there to make you laugh, build you up, and strengthen you
Don’t underestimate what my love is able to do

I may not be able to give you the world on a platter of gold
But I can give you much if you stay in my arms for me to hold
I may be making changes, but one thing is forever true
I will never ever, ever stop loving you

(c) August 2015, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

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