Thank You

***This was written on February 1, 2014***

“History ain’t important. It don’t mean nothin’.”
They say,
“What they did lives in the past, but now we’re doin’ somethin’.”
So they claim.
“Why wine and dine about the events from long behind? Stop the clatter, they don’t matter. Move on.”
They exclaim.
But if I may,
I’d like to offer a counter argument.
Take a look around, tell me what you see.
How does the world look staring back at thee?
Yeah, you heard me.
F.Y.I., everything here exists because a long time ago, someone put in work.
Whether it be scientific discoveries, inventions so we could live more comfortably, diverse relations, artistic creations, or changes in our communities,
Someone put in work.
No matter what’s in front of you, you see our modern culture.
You think we woke up one day with these changes at our door,
Or that we’ve had these in our hands forever?
Someone put in work.
Whether it was a father or mother, a sister or brother,
Someone contributed sweat and tears in all the years of the struggle –
All the years, dark years…
They were discouraged from dreaming,
Blocked from advancing,
Denied opportunities,
Even their joy was stolen – there was no singing or dancing.
But there was marching and protesting.
There were demonstrations and movements
And riots and boycotts
And sit-ins and sit downs
And whatever else was necessary to bring about
That 6-letter C-word. Change.
In a world so strange when a group of people felt estranged from a culture and society that preferred a wide range between them and opportunity, this group of people found the strength and power to rearrange their situation, and command and demand for change.
And now we’re living their change.
Today their legacy exists through us.
So to history, and to those who fought for us,
I offer up, not “forget you,” but “thank you.”
Thank you for the long nights of marches instead of dreaming.
Thank you for the long fights, which brought about your fears, tears, and screamings.
Thank you for continuing to work so we could live better.
Thank you for the stories of your struggle, your addressed love letter.
You are not forgotten, but appreciated.
To our sisters and brothers in the struggle,
Thank you.

(c) February 2014, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

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