Really? You Think So, Huh?

***This was written on January 26, 2010***

Really? You think so, huh?
Do me a favor and take a good look at me
Tell me, what is it that you see?
A man of excellence and success, or one who will fail?
What is it about me that says that I’m on my way to jail with no bail?
I return to the broken record because you keep playing the same game
You point at me and judge me without knowing my name
Let me just put it out there: Some of you believe intelligence I lack
Not because I show you or you know me, but because I’m Black
How I dress, what I look like, and you assume I’m a thug
Some think I’ll end up on the streets, in prison, or dead because I’ll be dealing drugs
You think I’m a rapist, a robber, a killa
You view me as a terrorist, a destroyer like Godzilla
Is that all you see when you look at me, a Black man?
The thought doesn’t come to mind that I’m apart of God’s Plan?
Why don’t you believe that I could declare the Name of my Lord?
Or that I’m aiming to be like Him more and more?
Believe that I’m a human being with regular feelings – I hurt, laugh, and cry
I refuse to plan to live a life of sin and before 40 I die
Vocabulary and diverse literature I use to further my education
I won’t let any thought of stereotypes enslave me, I demand liberation
Refrain from being nervous when you see me walk down the hall
Don’t be alarmed when I say “dexterously”, and don’t expect me to say “y’all”
Please don’t look at me and judge and think you know me
First ask my name, I’ll tell you Benjamin Isaiah Black, Bro. B.I.B.

Really? You think so, huh?
Funny how many of you think that I’m a fool
I’d bet some of you won’t believe I’ll finish school
Put yourself in my shoes, look through my perspective
Who the crud are you calling another Black statistic?
How do you think I feel when you look at me strange when we pass each other?
You act as though I can’t be your brother
My arm is extended to reach out for you
But you look down on me and hate all that I do?
Some think I can’t have nice things unless it was stolen
That I must have picked it up from a bank or a store and
A mall. You believe a Black man’s behind every crime on the news
The thought that it may be another color or heritage you completely refuse

Really? You think so, huh?
My fellow Black Americans, even we have stereotypes for us
I refuse to be another statistic in the Name of Jesus
I can’t use big words, but I can wear a do-rag and cap
And I have to be incredibly gifted at basketball and rap
My ears have heard people say, “I’m Black!” “I’m just acting Black!”
We use this as an apology as if to say we lack
A great deal of manners, common sense, courtesy, respect
But I know for a fact that statement is incorrect
We don’t have to accept abuse or let people spit in our face
So let’s have some pride for ourselves, who we are, and in our race
We want folks to take us seriously, we have to take us seriously first
We have to tell ourselves that we do have a lot of worth
Every morning, get out of bed and declare real loud,
“Hello, world! I’m Black and I’m proud!”
Success and education are not “White things”; we too ought to be excellent in school
Instead of sleeping, talking, or texting, acting a fool
I’m a Black man, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be on time
Rather be on time than doing time because of a crime
This is what we’ve got to be: Better and strong
Listen to the Voice of Jesus saying still to fight on
We’ll love each other and become one for God, living in equality
Don’t look at me strange! Let it be His Will that this is how things will be
No more false ideas, beliefs, stereotypes, or segregation
The time is past due for us to join hands as one nation
I call for the attention of everyone! Can you hear me? Huh?
Really! This is what I think, bruh!

(c) January 2010, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

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