A Proposed Question

***This was written on April 2, 2009***

I can’t count the many times I’ve heard the phrase
How many people have I heard say it? How many places was it said? How many days?

I’ve heard my friends and peers say this. My family said it too.
Allow me, if you will, to ask this question of you:

Is there a certain way to “act Black”?
How am I, as an African-American, supposed to act?

By using words like “ain’t” and “y’all”? Would that make you see?
Am I supposed to wear my pants down to my knees?

I’m asking because I don’t know! Someone help me out!
Lemme know so I know what my race and culture is about!

How are we supposed to act? What are we supposed to do?
To anyone who knows how to act Black, I’m talking to you!

I see so many of my Black male peers wearing their pants below their waists
Not trying to be judgmental, but I question if they wanna be in the school place

So I pay attention in school and I prepare for the success in my life
And so what I plan on falling in love and having a wife

My GPA is 3.8; I work hard for my grades
My haircut is normal; I don’t care about getting a Mohawk, dreads, or fade

I don’t rap, I’m not a singer, God knows I can’t play ball
Does that make me any whiter than paper, y’all?

There are so many Black people in the world, and, from what I’ve observed, not all of us act the same
We have different interests, hobbies, personalities, and names

The Black man in the mansion is different from the Black man living in the park
The light one in the North is different than the Southern one that’s dark
The one that listens to rock and pop is different from the one that hears R&B
The one that spends their time reading is different from the one that watches TV

But both are Black and both know their history
They both use things that inspire their story

Could that be enough to call someone Black? Does it have to be language and clothes?
Does it matter what a Black person knows or what we don’t know?

If you ask me, Black has no act; that’s my suggestion
If this offended you, forgive me for asking a proposed question

(c) April 2009, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

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