Excuse Me! What Was that Word You Used?!?

***This was written on May 14, 2008***

Excuse me White child! What was that word you used?!?
That word full of hate that separates and divides our nation
What was that word you just called me? “N****r”, was it?
I don’t know what you see when you look at me, but that word should not come to mind, for that’s not who I am!
I have a name, and it’s not “N****r”!
In fact I have many names:
Benjamin Isaiah Black, Bro. B.I.B., BOOYIKA! Boy!, Blessed, Child of God, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made are just a few of my names
White child, I am NOT an “N”
Do I look like some stupid, arrogant child to you?! If I do, then who exactly is your eye doctor because they have failed your eyes!
Your words toward me only reflects how you feel about yourself
White child are you an “N”?
Then why call me one?
I ain’t no “N****r”!

Excuse me Black child! What was that word you used?!?
I don’t believe I heard you correctly; it sounded like you just called me the name that brought hatred to this very nation and this very country years ago!
It almost sounded like you called me the word that we were labeled as to receive the worst things in life.
Did you call me a “N***a”? The word that meant “really tore up, crappy textbooks that are too bad for White students but good enough for Black students”?
Did you call me a “N***a”? The word that people would yell as they went to lynch Black Americans?
Black child, did you call me a “N***a”? The word that our own people used to use because they were used to White Americans calling us that to show their HATE for us?!?
I don’t understand how this word became so cool among our own people!
This word wasn’t even a name for us, it was a label
A label of hate, targeting, discrimination, cruelty, pain, rage
Why would you take this word that you would have been called at one time
And try to make it sound cool?
There’s nothing cool about calling me a word full of hate and covering it up by changing the meaning.
And to say that White people can’t use this word because of how they used to mean it is crazy!!!
Why should we be able to say the most evil word and try to be cool and White people can’t?!
They started the word; why didn’t we end it?
I am NOT NOW, nor will I EVER BE your “N***a”!
What are you? Do you know what you are?
Do you know you’re better than this?
You’re better than this label
You’re better than this title
You are not a “N***a”!

Excuse me! What was that word you used?!?
I AM NOT A “N****R” OR A “N***A”!!!
You catch my drift?

(c) May 2008, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.

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