Baby’s Cry 2

***This was written on January 27, 2008***

Mommy, I’ve been here for a while now
You’ve shown me things like the sky, the grass, the moon, pictures of cows
I love you Mommy! I’m glad you love me too
But there’s something I wanna ask you

Where’s my Daddy? How come I’ve never seen him? Why don’t I know what he looks like?
I don’t even know his name; that ain’t right
Do we have any pictures? Can I look at them and see
If he’s tall, short, light, dark; is he as good-looking as me?

How come I’ve never seen him? Does he know I exist?
Why haven’t I ever felt a Daddy Kiss?
I’ve never felt a Daddy Hug either; he never told me, “It’ll be alright.”
I’ve never had a Daddy to hold me during the storms at night

Will he come back one day and show me the way?
Will Daddy pick me up when I fall down and love me past my pain?
Will he teach me about girls, how to play sports, drive a car, and other things I need to know?
Will Daddy teach me about Jesus and how to spiritually grow?

It just ain’t fair, Mommy! All I want is a Daddy! Is that too much to ask for?!?
Someone to love me and discipline me and keep me under control
Mommy, I know you want it too; I hear you cry all the time
I just want my Daddy; is it a crime?

I just want my Daddy!!!

(c) January 2008, B.I.B. Productions
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.


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