B.I.B the African-American

***This was written in September 2006***

An African-American is who I am
I’m a free Black child for I walk on this land
I represent my people; those who came before me
Like W.E.B. DuBois, Fredrick Douglass, and Martin Luther King

We were artists shoved in closets, forced not to come out
But we were determined to see what freedom was about
We fought, ran, protested, and we hid
As slaves we left America, though it was strictly forbid

From Duke Ellington, the musician, and Ira Aldride, the actor
We now have Jesse Jackson, the reverend, and Ice Cube, the rapper
But they couldn’t have gotten there on their own
They had some help from their past, as you will be shown

Fredrick Douglass was a former slave, and then he spoke against it
Malcolm X despised the cruelty of his people and protested it
Benjamin Banneker was the first Black inventor
Ever wondered how Chicago formed? Jean Baptise Du Sable was the founder

Maya Angelou, a poet, wrote her own book and movie
Harriet Tubman helped people escape from slavery
Lorraine Hansberry wrote a Broadway play, “A Raisin in the Sun”
Rosa Parks chose not to give up her seat, changing the law for everyone

Our people are now free, and we are everywhere
Doing some of everything, from leadership to styling hair
I say I am Black because of these people and more
They stood up for me, and they opened the door

But we all must thank the One Who gave us life
And that Person is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
He was with us from the beginning for it was His plan
For us to stand today and say, “I’m an African-American!”

(c) September 2006, B.I.B. Production
(P) BOOYIKA!, Inc.


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